Monday, November 17, 2014

Obsessed: Fancy Framework

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Not having 20/20 vision has never looked better!
I for one think wearing glasses gives you a chance to make an additional fashion statement; and if I get called four eyes then I might as well werk what genetics gave me with style.

 Recently I've been drooling over the statement frames that Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, Warby Parker, and Bonlook make. Each website has about 5 pairs of glasses that I like and I haven't manage to choose one so that I can get my new prescription filled.
Perhaps y'all could help me pick!
I love the retro 50's influence that these glasses have and think that by adding these funky colors to the tradition shape of vintage frames they are breathing new life to these classic styles.

Let me know what you think!
Do y'all prefer wearing glasses or contacts? or do you think it's fun to wear glasses too?!

keep it classy.


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