Friday, December 12, 2014

Out & About: Friends Who Eat Together, Last Forevaaa!

After more than 9 months of eating a strictly vegetarian diet, I decided to start eating meat again.
I know, I know, I should have tried to stick it out for a whole year, but even though I didn't mind cutting out meat & fish from my diet. I never truly felt like I was satisfied after a meal without meat unless I was eating Indian food.
You can criticize me all you want; I still love animals, but enjoyed and missed meat wayyy to much to let it go completely.

Chicken and waffles has to be one of my favorite comfort foods; it's America all wrapped up on a plate. The mix of crispy, salty, and the sweetness from the waffle and syrup makes for a mouthwatering & addictive taste.
Sweet Chick in Brooklyn, NY has to be my all time favorite spot to grab an awesome plate of American tradition.
Between the mason jar, corn cakes, hipster atmosphere, and the 80's rock jamz playing in this quaint restaurant, all the decor and food in Sweet Chick has a nostalgic element to it. 
(^^^bacon-cheddar waffle, with fried chicken^^^)
yes, that means the bacon & cheddar cheese is actually cooked into the waffles!!! YUMMMM!
Now, after you've stuffed your face with all that tasty chicken and waffley goodness the eating doesn't stop because they have the most tempting desserts to try on their menu and they're made fresh!!!!
I mean you'd have to be crazy to resist, and even crazier to only share 1 dessert!.. that's exactly why my friends and I ordered 3 to taste test.  
(^^^pumpkin pie cup^^^)
(vvv Nutella pie, and donut ice cream sandwich vvv)
 good friends + good food = satisfied bellies and awesome friendships!
you can go to the gym later!

keep it classy.


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