Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Impressions : Nails Inc Magnetic Polish

Here is my first review/first impressions on a product called Magnetic Polish from nails inc. I recently bought this product at Sephora during their VIB event sale which ran through November 11-14 and gave you 20% off you entire purchase. The product is quiet pricey, running at $16.00 USD a pop, which is more than I've ever spent on a nail polish but thankfully I got 20% off. 

Product Info:
Color: Trafalgar Square - Magnetic Polish from nails inc.
Size:  0.33 oz 
Price: $16.00 USD 

This product gives you a unique ripple / wave / marble design in a couple easy steps:
1. apply a top coat on all nails
2. apply one coat of your nails inc. Magnetic Polish on all nails
3. allow that coat to fully dry
4. apply a generous 2nd coat of the Magnetic Polish on all your nails
5. quickly place the edge of the magnetic cap below your cuticle and hold for 10 seconds
6. apply a quick dry top coat
7. BAMmMm your nails are complete!!!

Here's a little run through rating certain points of the products on a scale of 1-5 stars (5 stars be amazing)

(only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 3 is because the pattern was a little bit inconsistent and i'm a little OCD with my nails. This could also be because my nails are kinda long/wide and the magnet on the cap is a bit small for my taste)   

Drying time: 5 mins (using a quick dry topcoat)

1. Instant gratification polish:
the design is easy to achieve no need to slave away trying to do a intricate design with this polish you can have instantly cute looking nails. (only con about this is that you have to do the design one nail at a time!)
2. Comes in a variety of colors: Gunmetal, Teal, Purple, Gold 
3. Super Fast drying time!

1. Expensive nail polish, but if you are willing to Splurge, but have a discount def purchase it!
2. Not a consistent pattern! Every nail is going to be unique and different, and if your nails are long the nails design might fade at the tips. Def not a full proof polish.
3. Magnet might be to small depending on the length of your nails!
4. Starts to chip really fast! (mine started chipping the next day)

If you have any tips for me on how to better the application of this product please leave a comment :)

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review, just thought it would be helpful to people thinking about purchasing the product. I bought this product with my own money.


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