Thursday, January 9, 2014

A is for the Adventure I am about to Commence.

 I put up the alphabet worth of some of my favorite parts of India on my instagram: @paintedREDD
Follow me for more fun and to see what each of the letters stands for.

After 1 year of saving I've finally reached my goal. 
It's been my dream trip for 5 years to visit India and it's finally become reality and I Maria C Herrera get to enjoy all that India has to offer for three whole weeks!!!!!

I arrived early Wednesday morning to the Ahemdabad Airport after two connecting flights from Delhi and Bombay. But because of delays and plane issues it took me over 24hrs to get from the JFK airport in New York to the Ahemdabad Airport in India. Although the travel turned out to be quite exhausting, an even though my feet were swollen to about triple the size of my normal feet after the flight and our luggage was lost all is forgotten because I now have the privilege of being submerged into a totally foreign, different and beautiful culture. 
You might be asking, "why India?"
- and the only reason I can give you is that I love to be shocked and amazed and I felt that this country with its long and interesting history would serve as the culture shock that I wanted and would help widen my views on life and how I've been living it, especially in such a materialistic and media obsessed place as New York City is.

Immerse myself is what I want to do. 
Bask myself in culture is what I desire to achieve. 
Allow myself to be free is what I yearn for.
I need to understand life here without having someone literally explain it to me.
I want my third eye to open up and show me meaning.
I know no one in India, (except for the one friend that joined me here) 
I don't speak any of the native tongues, and have minimal knowledge of how exactly to greet people in this country. But what I do know is that I love spicy Indian food, I love the colorful customs these people have, and although the streets may not be the cleanest there is a sense of beauty in everything I look at. Weather it's the cows roaming the busy streets of Gujarat or the rickshaws weaving in and out of moving traffic and even breaking all road rules and driving the complete opposite way of moving traffic. Everything always seems to be so animated here.

(from left to right: sexy kankles at the airport in Dehli aka 1stop, flowers I was greeted with when I arrived at Ahemdabad, first view of Ahemdabad from luggage terminal)

I've been in India for two whole days and have enjoyed every minute of it thus far. Who knows this adventure might even have to be extended.

keep it classy.


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