Saturday, October 19, 2013


So you guessed it, I've finally decided to get back 
into the blogging and YouTube game. I had been so busy the past years
 with college, two jobs, depression, lack of inspiration, and drama to actually keep up with my blog, but to tell you the truth I've really missed it. 
Blogging and making videos was my outlet for being creative at a time in my life where I couldn't really be creative at work because I have to stay within the lines of their criteria. But I'm feeling inspired and excited, and am hopeful that I'll be able to manage everything in my life so that I may continue this. 

On a new fun note, I want to start including Fitness, Lifestyle, Vlogs, and DIY posts on both my blog as well as on my YouTube channel. I hope y'all like the idea, and if you want to see something in particular request it in the comments!
I've missed you gals and guys!!!! 

Thanks to my supportive friends especially Amanda who pushed me to restart it all and helped me film this OOTD and also guest stared in the video. She's my bestest girl friend and has a fun and rockin' style! ^__^ <3 Love you MANDII!!!

Pop of NEON:
part 1:
Outfit Stats:
1. Neon Sweater & Printed Jacket - Zara 
2. High-Waisted Shorts - American Apparel 
3. Hat - Urban Outfitters
4. Cognac Boots - Vintage 
5. Ring - H&M
6. Bracelet & Watch - MK
Outfit Stats:
1. Navy Blazer - Ann Taylor 
2. Neon Denim - H&M 
3. Braided Belt - American Eagle
4. Glittery Flats - Gap 
5. Necklace - H&M
6. Cropped Top - H&M
7. Ring - Ecuador Trinket 
 Pop of NEON:
part 2:

Outfit Stats:
1. Tartan Pants - Zara 
2. Si Freak, si Chic Tee - Zara 
3. Shoes - Restricreo
4. Purse - MK
5. Watch - Marc Jacobs
6. Necklace - H&M
7. Glasses - RayBan
Outfit Stats:
1. Neon Pink Top - H&M 
2. High-Waisted Riding Leggings - Hue
3. Wedges - BCBG Generation
4. Purse - Coach 
5. Rings - Forever 21
6. Bracelets - H&M

QOTD: How who you style NEON? Write any request you have in the comments below!

Oh and remember, keep it classy!


  1. Yay! So glad you're back! Loved the outfits. Looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. Thanks Girly!! I'm glad to be back too. You come back to youtube too!! :))