Friday, January 13, 2012

Recent LOVES & December Favorites

These past 2 weeks I have really been slacking; I have posted a video in 2 weeks and have barely posted on my blog... already screwing up on my New Year's resolution
But i'm determined to take the reigns on this year, and one of my resolutions is to keep up with Youtube channel and of course my blog - from now on I'll keep up with that!!

But here are my favorite items of the month of December and a couple of my RECENT LOVES of the new year! I like including entertainment things on my favorite list so i'll start off with what i've recently been listening to, reading, and watching!

So yes, as you can see these are my recent favs for entertainment purposes other than youtube :P
  1. Pride and Prejudice by : Jane Austen This is one of my all time favorite books, and the movie version with Keira Knightley is my fav; I can watch that movie 100 times and still wouldn't get tired of it! This book is all about romance and propriety and the man of the hour Mr. Darcy is the kind guy you wish existed today and Elizabeth is the the girl you feel you are :) Love this book, def recommend it if you want a nostalgic, sentimental read!
  2. Amelie soundtrack My all time favorite movie, I wish I was Amelie! But not only is the movie wonderful and quirky and romanic, but the soundtrack is amazing and has that french cafe vibe . It is the perfect recipe for a night curled up on the couch alone reading and drinking wine! <3
  3. Project Runway All Stars Gotta love a show filled with drama, fashion, and amazingly cute gay guys! LOL. I love this show, and my favorite contestant is Mondo!! He is amazing!! You have to watch!!! Do you watch?!? any favorites?!!?!? 

  1. Sephora Collection Slim Pink Atomizer ($10.00usd) This is an awesome invention, perfect for getting ready on the go or for traveling! If you didn't know what an Atomizer is, it's a re-fillable perfume container.
  2. Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy Addicted to these little candies, love them so sweet, and they make your tongue change color... super sexy LOL! The Cherry ones and the Blue Raspberry flavors!!!! YUMMMMMM!
  3. Rabito iPhone 4s case Cutest case ever for my iPhone I bought it on and it only cost me about $7 such a good price, and cheaper than they sell it in stores!
  4. Revlon - Mon Cherry scented nail polish
  5. Michael Kors Ear Muffs
  6. Benefit It's Potent! Amazing product, is said to reduce puffiness and under eye circle. I think it does reduce puffiness, but am not convinced it takes away dark circle. This product is simply amazing of moisturizing the sensitive skin around your eyes! Love it!
  7. Clinique High-Lengths Mascara
  8. Nars - Deep Throat blush
  9. MAC Chromagraphic pencil - NC15-NW20
  10. Chi Volume Booster This is a great hair product, I spray it in my hair before I blow dry it all over my roots and hair and it really does help to keep your hair from looking flat! It works as a root lifter and smells good too!
  11. John Frieda Dry Shampoo The first dry shampoo i've ever used works wonders for 2nd/3rd day hair especially if you don't have time to wash or style it.
 Dupe for Nars - Deep Throat blush = Elf Blush & Contour palette
Nars : $27 vs Elf : $3
Swatch of my MAC Chromagraphic Pencil ^__^

another random thing:

Quick question : BANGS?! or no bangs?
I've been thinking about cutting my hair to have Bettie Page bangs but because my hair isn't super straight have been so scared to try it out... plus bangs are always a pain in the butt you know what to grow out
I wanted to get your opinion!!! Should I do it?!
By the way I have clip on bangs that I cut super fast and crocked to see how they would look in this video! :)
KcOQ5e on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
sorry for being gone for so long, promise i'll be better!
Hope you liked everything, if you have any recommendations def tell me :)
Keep it classy.



  1. I'm obsessed with Amelie! I saw it for the first time last week and I loved it so much that I got the movie and the soundtrack lol.
    Also I think you look great with bangs! But like you said, they're a pain in the butt to grow out lol.

  2. Cool post!

  3. i love mac too :)
    thanks 4 ur comment on my blog :)
    i have a unique giveaway happening. you get to choose one item everyday for next ten days courtesy oasap - online high street fashion. would love it if you can take a look.

  4. Great post, you picked some awesome things here! I love project runway, but I've never heard of the all stars one, I should look into it :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. i love the ElF blush and contour, great products. Following your blog now hope you visit mine and follow too


  6. love your movie and tv selections.. pride and prejudice is my favorite book of all time too!

  7. Gr8 post and Gr8 blog too...

    Following you already...Mind following back ?


  8. I looooveee this blog post and I love Amelie and Pride and Prejudice.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog and for directing me to your blog. I have just become a follower of your blog, and looking forward to your future posts. If you my blog I would love another follower (and on bloglovin too)!!

    Luc X

  9. I love the Amelie movie. You can get so much inspiration out of it!!