Saturday, January 14, 2012

MAC Iris Apfel Adventure

 If you guys don't already know, I am kinda, a little bit makeup obsessed. Especially with the MAC cosmetics collections!
So last week I had already had marked on my calendar the date of the release of the MAC Iris Apfel Collection. As usual I set money aside for the products I was going to buy and in the morning at work was ready to call and reserve the products I wanted.....
I clearly UNDERESTIMATED how many people were anticipating this collection!!!

So instead of calling imidately when the MAC store opened I called at 2pm, 2 hrs before I had to leave work... and of course when I call I get the terrible news that 3 of the 4 lipsticks I wanted were sold out...and the one they did have that I wanted, they couldn't put on hold because the collection had sold out so fast! After he said that he proceded to tell me that the collection had practically sold out 30 mins after their opening -______________-
Clearly no one in NYC works, and has time to go early in the morning!!!!!!

So of course I was super frustrated, i'm telling you all of last year I had been waiting to buy these lipsticks.. I thought it was going to be simple, but instead it turned into an adventure.... or a better word a scavenger hunter for 4 lipsticks, LOL! 
I'm crazy I know!

(Please excuse the spelling mistake in Flamingo I forgot to put the "n" in both pictures!!)

So after I received this awful news I proceded to freak out, and start frantically searching all of the the MAC cosmetic stores numbers around me! But of course I call a MAC counter first, and they tell me that they aren't holding that collection at any MAC counters.... UGH!!!! really aggravated at that point!
Then I call all of the other 15 out of 30 MAC store (because the other 15 were MAC counters!) and they all tell me the same thing...SOLD OUT!!!!!
I swore it was impossible!!!! that had never happen to me! I've never seen a collection sell out that fast, it was sold out online too!

So I do an even crazier thing.... I start to call MAC stores out of state! LOL, so I call NJ and ta-daaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Wishes DO Come True!!!!!
I find my 4 lipsticks, including my most awaited shade, Party Parrot! 
The next day I proceded to drive an hour to New Jersey with my best friend Stefano to buy these heavenly shades of lipstick! 
I get there and another problem, the lipsticks I reserved which were 4 had miraculously turned into 3 
PARTY PARROT was missing!!!! I trecked it to NJ and wasn't getting my most anticipated shade!
But ohh wells I lived with it, and got Flamingo, Pink Pigeon, and Scarlet Ibis which are very pretty too! I had already own Morange which is a permanent  MAC lipstick and was the only one not selling out because all of the other lipsticks were limited edition!

Anyways here are the picture of the amazing lipstick:

Pink Pigeon and Scarlet Ibis are matte shades, but I would say they are more semi-matte because they aren't as dry as MAC shade like : Ruby Woo, or Smoke Purple
Flamingo is a lustre finish, which makes it sheerer and more moisturizing.
Morange is permeant so don't go rushing out to buy it; is an amplified finish, which makes it highly pigmented and has a shiny finish
(from left to right: Flamingo, Pink Pigeon, Scarlet Ibis, Morange)

(embrace me lipliner & swatch on lips)
This collection also came out with lipliners, and eye shadows! I didn't get any but they re-release this lipliner that I already had from a previous collection called Embrace Me lip pencil.

Picture from our Scavenger Hunter to NJ for lipsticks LOL!
love my best friend <3

The heavenly mall where my lipsticked resided in!

Our Reward for going to NJ to buy lipsticks!!! <3 YUMMMM Love Checkers Cheese Fries!

Hope you liked this haul!!
keep it classy.



  1. Yes, this is Koohah. My favourite is flamingo lipstick!
    I love cheese fries too!
    Ann :)

  2. Hey maria! (: You left the kindest comments haha, thank you so much! I went to the salon to get the ombre done in my hair. It's the first drastic-type look I went for so I wanted it to be done professionally hehe. I'll definitely follow back! You do such great reviews on the makeup you buy and thumbs up for calling it "Shop N Tell" -- soo cute and clever! I like that flamingo shade the most! I don't have any MAC products that I own yet, and I've been meaning to buy some but I never really got around to it because I'm always scared of getting something that I might not end up liking later on. But your reviews are def. going to help!! (:

    PS i followed you on tumblr too! -- (love-confides)


  3. I've never tried colored lipstick before (or any kinda lipstick for that matter) but this is making me really wanna get into makeup! Hahaha, I'm dark though, can you recommend any kind of lipstick for darkskinned girls? I don't wanna go TOO all out, I need to help my friends and family transition and adjust to me wearing lipstick ;) Thanks for the follow by the way! Definitely gonna keep myself posted with your tutorials/reviews. Following back!

  4. all of the colours are so lovely! i might have to purchase a few... a girl can never have too many lipsticks!

    Tanesha x

  5. Mac Lipsticks are the best!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  6. Flamingo and Pink Pigeon are my favourites! They look gorgeous! <3

    Ellen xx

  7. I like Scarlet Ibis.

  8. The the way you take pictures of your lipsticks and your swatches!
    Love Flamingo btw.

  9. I adore mac lipsticks! morange is divine! xxx


  10. Ah I love all those colors, especially those pinks.



  11. REALLY love the morange color!


  12. I think I need Flamingo in my life. It's such a pretty shade! All the lipsticks look great on you. ;)

  13. Nice swatches.
    I am a new follower.

  14. love the bold lipsticks!
    I am also getting into trying to enlarge my collection and see which colors look nice on me!!!
    Now following your blog!