Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Owl Lipstick Review & Urban Outfitters Haul

So I did a little bit of online shopping recently.... but really when am I not browsing the internet for a good deal!!
Any who, I'm def willing to search to find a bargain, and it was no exception in this small haul. I bought everything from the Sales section on the Urban Outfitters website. 
There was only one thing I didn't get on sale, which is the trio of owl shaped lipsticks!! 
You can find these lipsticks here!!!!!
So first thing you are probably thinking is, well the lipstick is cute...but isn't the owl engraved into the lipstick eventually going to rub of when you apply the lipstick!
And the truth is yes it is! But IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE how could I not resist?! 
In all actuality for the price you are getting three lipsticks, it's worth the money. (These retailed for $18.00 and just thinking that most lipsticks you can buy at Sephora are $20+ dollars you get 3 unique lipsticks for the price of one!) 

These lipsticks are by: NEST Fragrances and they kinda remind me of the Paul & Joe lipsticks. Both have very similar styles, but the NEST lipsticks are way more affordable. The lipsticks themselves don't have names but the colors the kit comes with has a nice range. It comes with a nice pinky nude, which out of all the lipsticks is surprisingly my favorite (works great with my skin tone). The kit also comes with a dark redish toned lipstick which in my opinion applies a little bit to sheer, but still has a great natural, healthy look when applied onto the lips. And lastly the kit also includes a nice burgundy plum color, that actually on the lips looks quite similar to the dark redish toned lipstick. 

The lipsticks all come with the same finish; a kind of sheer glossy finish. Another great thing about these lipsticks is that they're very moisturizing (think a chapstick but with much more pigmentation)
I love these owl shaped lipsticks, and they are going to look so cute in my purse. 
Who can resist such a cute thing!
Keep it classy.



  1. They are way too adorable to use.

  2. I can never get enough of the sale section at Urban Outfitters!! I love the tee you got and those lipsticks are way tooo cutee!!! I really want them. I know if I bought them, they would just sit on my shelf and look pretty as I could never bring myself to use them hhaha!



  3. Hi dear! Just to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog to find out more :)

  4. omg i wouldnt be able to use them.. so cute O:


  5. Those lipsticks are adorable!! I wouldn't want to use them lol xx

  6. I think those lipsticks are kitty cats! which appeals to me even more!! haha they're so gorgeous, that top is amazing too


  7. Cute top! And the lipsticks are adorable :) I love your tumblr btw!! Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog sweet xoxo