Monday, December 12, 2011

OOTD : POP of Cheetah

My first OOTD blogpost, and i'm so excited!!
I'm hoping you all like this idea, if so tell me down in the comment section. But yes, I've been wanting to post more frequently on my blog with things that aren't long enough to include in a video. So as of now I will be putting up mini hauls, product pictures & reviews, as well as just little exciting experiences I've been having. Think "mini Vlog".... or in this case blog entry.
So here we go : OOTD #1 "POP of Cheetah!" 
Usually when I get up in the morning... i'm not going to lie, it takes me forever to choose my outfit and I think sometimes I may take fashion way to seriously. I might only need to run one errand but feel the need to wear heels!! But in all reality when I slip on my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell heels it makes me feel 10x more confident and put together. Lets just say, I feel like a woman when I wear heels! I mean really, out of all the things a woman could wear that is beneath a great pair of underwear will always be HEELS. So slip on a pair girls and strut your stuff!
1. Faux Fur Cheetah Coat - Forever 21, 2. Sheer lace up back blouse - Urban Outfitters (Reformed) , 3. Black Leather braided belt - vintage Mom's closet, 4. Hat - CollectionEighteen, 5. Clutch - Miztique (TJ Maxx) 6. Clip-on Earrings - Forever 21, 7. Cuff - Vintage Grandma's Closet, 8. Heels - Restricted (TJ Maxx), 9. Trouser Socks - Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx), 10. Pleated Twill High Waisted Pants - American Apparel

Now back to the point.... I always seem to ramble!! But whenever I am getting ready I usually piece my outfits together starting off with the thing I most want to wear, in this case it was the Cheetah Faux Fur Coat from Forever 21. Everyone knows Forever 21 is the best place for decently priced trendy clothing, I believe this cost me a little less than $30.oo last year.
So when I'm deciding what to pair with my statement piece I usually just lay it out on my bed like a magazine spread and see if I like how everything goes together (as you can see above, thats what I did)

Now accessories can really make or break an outfit, so because I had a bulky-ish coat on I wanted to keep them kinda simple. Didn't over accessories! I tried to bring in a couple more textures to the outfit with the leather clutch and metals in my jewelry. My vintage cuff which was actually my Great Grandma's, and these clip-on earrings from Forever 21 which are actually super heavy (you are warned, they hurt if you wear them for a long time...but beauty is pain!!!) added just the right amount of bling for when I took off my coat indoors.
All in all I was going for a chic Jet-Setter kinda vibe, and think I achieved that :)

I hope you all liked the outfit, I thought it was chic hope you did too!
Keep it classy.



  1. LOVE this! I absolutely love your sense of style, it is definitely what drew me to your blog. I loooove Jeffrey Campbell shoes! This outfit. Seriously. I can't stop obsessing over it lol. Next time i'm in New York, I wanna go shopping with you lol!!

  2. @Brianna Aww glad you like my style :))))
    When ever you come over to NY we should hang out and shop, we can go crazy!
    Fingers crossed for a good sale!

  3. Love this outfit!! The animal print is my favorite!! Thanks for stopping by our blog and for following! We are following you too!
    Feel free to enter our Tokidoki Giveaway:

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Absolutely love the blog, and that jacket!
    Definitely following :)

  5. it looks rlly cool! love these shoes! <3

  6. hey i really love your blog!!! you have amazing videos and i hope i can learn to do makeups like you!!! take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. love this look! The coat is my favourite bit though, fierceee

  8. you look fab and you have gorge hair!

  9. that outfit is incredible! I love the colour palette