Friday, December 2, 2011

November Favorites

This month more than ever I went a little shopping crazy well more like totally broke shopping crazy! So I've fallen in love with a couple of my recent Black Friday finds. Don't you just love good deals, I literally go crazy for black Friday wake up at the crack of dawn to go shopping, and make lists, and maps, and plot the series of events of the night/day filled with shopping! If it isn't obvious already I have a shopping problem...
But anyways I found a couple of great things this month that I'd love to share with you.
 My November Favorites:
1. Sigma - F25 Tapered Face Brush
          I am completly in love with this brush, I is so multifunctional I use it for my contour/bronzer, brush and highlight brush (seriously need to get another one) The quality of the Sigma brushes is amazing and this one is no exception, I hold this company to the standard of MAC and maybe even better because the prices are way more affordable. You can find this brush here!!
2. Vera Wang Princess - perfume
          One of my favorite perfumes, as of lately! Purchased this perfume with a 30% discount and was super happy! The perfume has notes of lily, apple, amber, and vanilla. This perfume is great if your a young woman (by that I mean like teens - 20's because its such a soft sweet scent) Love it, and am surprise I hadn't bought it before. You can find this online at Sephora Here!! Extra added bonus you can use the cap as rings ^___^
3. MAC - Currant Lip pencil
         I really hold MAC lipliners on a pedestal I have never had any complaints when it comes to their lip pencils. This one is great such a nice dark reddish plum color and if you like MAC Vino lip pencil this one is very similar. Check out MAC lipliners here!!
4. Lucky by Alice Sebold
        One of my favorite authors, Alice Sebold is known for her shocking, and impactful books. She wrote the book the Lovely Bones about a girl who gets raped and is killed and this book is quite similar; the twist is that this book is actually a memoir of her experience of getting rape and beaten and going through the process of filing a police report and going to court etc. This story is amazing and def a must read!
5. Kate Spade - golden bow earrings
         Bought these at the Outlet mall in the Kate Spade NY store, so happy they were 50% off the outlet price so got them for super cheap!
6. Bumble and Bumble - Bb Spray de Mode
         Favorite hair spray at the moment, it's a light hold finishing hairspray has a nice scent to it and doesn't make your hair nastily crunchy and immobilized!
7. Rihanna - "Cockiness (Love It)
         This has to be my favorite song of the moment, seriously have it on replay 24/7, LOL. It's such a catch song, and so raunchy and sexual I can't even handle it! I'm not even really a Rihanna fan especially because she doesn't even write her own songs, but this songs is amazing such a great dance song! (sexy dance song to be honest with you LOL! :P) btw this song is from her new album Talk that Talk
8. Chloe - sunglasses
         I bought these on black Friday at the Nieman Marcus Last Chance outlet store and haven't take them on since. Love the retro vibe they have especially with the added hardware :)

Hope you found some recommendations! Seriously shopped till I dropped this month and almost got all my X-mas shopping done, so that's wonderful!


Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my own money. blah blah blah!


  1. Great November favs!Im obsessed with Rihanna's new album it's been on replay since I got it! LOL!
    Now following!