Saturday, October 11, 2014

Obsessed: Bustling Brassieres

Lets get started with my first episode of window-shopper-aholics anonymous; where I María lust over the many items I put in my online shopping cart but can not actually purchase because:
a.) my bank account will go negative if I buy it
b.) my t-mobile bill is due and has surplus charges for the data usage. And even though my service was abysmal, like it always is, I need to pay this bill first before I get into any excess spending.
ohhh, the life struggles of a student budget....

The trend I'm focusing on today is brassieres, and although I'm not french I still call it this because it sounds that much more sexy... silly, I know.
But serious, lingerie this year has had so many new innovations, especially when it comes to the subject of bralettes and soft cup bras. I myself am a member of the itty bitty titty committee, and when I was younger I use to hate the fact that I wasn't as busty as my older sister, to the extent that I even thought about getting surgery. Not until recently had I started to embrace my size and really have enjoyed finding unique delicates that instead of enhancing my size with padding, actually highlights it with beautiful details and sexy lace.
Small as these brassieres are, they can really break the bank. These beauts can vary from $17 - $200 depending on where you look for them, but you can always find similar more affordable designs at places like: Forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. All you have to do is keep an eye out for those designs and purchase them before they sell out. 

Wear these under a cute crop top (examples: 2 & 4) and it'll peak-a-boo at the base of the cropped top anding a little more dynamic to your outfit. 
Or hell, where it under a turtle neck. Regardless of if it's only you seeing what you got going on underneath, these brassieres will make you feel a little bit sexier and confident while fiercely walking down the street. In the end what ever you wear should make you feel your best.

It's crazy how trends always come back. Sex and the City & Carrie Bradshaw brought the visible bra trend into style, and now it's back will some new tricks up its sleeve.

QOTD: What's your current favorite trend? Are you obsessing over these ornate brassieres? or is it not for you?

keep it classy.



  1. Ah lovely, great post! I feel this will be an obssesion soon - my current obssesions are hats and trainers!

  2. I have to agree about brassiere innovations! I've been seeing so many nice lacey ones that you just can't wait to try on-- I'd like to try these out with a loose tank top. x Great picks! x

    x Francesca of