Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Battle of Coasts : Lace

this weeks battle:
 Here's my second episode of the segment, Fashion Battle of the Coasts
You might be asking what this is, and I'll explain it quickly to you; my friend, Corey aka misspebblesss, and I are duking it out each episode styling a certain trend or article of clothing. (of course Corey being from California, and I from New York which brings in the coast aspects) This week of course being LACE! <3
To make it even more special, we decided to style lace for the day and night time!

my EAST COAST, NY take on Lace:
 For the day time outfit, I wanted to work more on layering lace
One of my favorite things to do, is layer lace pieces to make them more appropriate depending the time of day. So this a perfect time to pull out corsets, or bustiers and layer shirts over them to get the desired look.
Hopefully you can tell by the pictures, but this is exactly what I did. I love this corset I bought at Forever 21, and wanted to show it off, but not have it seem like i'm selling myself; so I covered it with a sheer button up. Cute I think! ^__^
1. Mesh Button Up - American Apparel, 2. Lace Corset - Forever 21, 3. Green Brief Case - Thrifted, 4. Green Trousers - American Apparel, 5. Heels - Jeffrey Campbell 

Corey's WEST COAST, CA take on Lace:
1. Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21, 2. Lace Top - Allure Boutique, 2. Colorblock Skirt - Forever 21, 4. Boots - DSW
Corey is always fab, and this time I'm loving the rock-n-roll vibe her outfit is giving off! 
The mix of the super feminine lace tank with the leather jacket is perfect blend of hard and soft!!!
Love her outfit!

my EAST COAST, NY take on Lace:
 For the night outfit, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I'm usually not big on wearing dresses, but this one is one of my favorites dresses ever!! It is quite short, but i'm in love with the mod silhouette it's giving off!
I had to add the ankle socks to add a little more quirkiness to the outfit!!! 

1. Lace Dress - Forever 21 2. Ankle socks - Betsey Johnson, 3. Heels - Betsey Johnson , 4. Mesh Leggings - American Apparel, 5. Gold Wallet - Betsey Johnson , 6. Orange & Gold Ring - H&M
Corey's WEST COAST, NY take on Lace:
1. Red Lace Dress - Amiclubwear, 2. Black Bodycon Skirt - Forever 21, 3. Retro Earrings - Rachel Zoe, 4. Leopard Heels - Shoedazzle

WOW!!!! Corey is looking super hot, in this body conscious dress!! Love the combo of the red and black; perfect for Valentine's Day!!! 
And seems like we both gravitated towards the leopard print heels!! 
Fab outfit girly!

Check out Corey's blog :
Corey's Video video :

Tell us your thoughts!
Which outfit did you prefer?! 
day or night lace?!?!
Corey's West Coast California Lace outfits or My East Coast New York Lace outfits??
tell us down below in the comments, and don't forget to check out Corey's blog post, as well as both of our videos ^___^

Hope you liked this post.
Tell me how you would style lace for the day and night time!!
keep it classy.



  1. the night lace. can not go wrong with socks and tights always looks cool!

  2. Loving this idea!! It's definitely a way to get fashionably creative ;) great post! xoxo

  3. Both of these outfits are fabulous!
    I especially love the night time one!

  4. Lace is definitely one of my favorites :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE those Jeffery Campbell heels!! Wow! xx

  6. such a cute blog, I love the lace outfit with the leopard print betsey heels........your newest follower........xx

  7. love the bustier
    the whole sheer & lace look is fab