Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just two days away, so I thought I might as well do a Christmas Wish List blog post. I mean it's never to late to shop online ;P. Great thing about posting wish list is that you'll always have something to reference of things I want to save up for in the future.
Keep in mind this is my Ultimate wish list, so I am putting some things I probably will never get because they are so expensive... *cough cough* Chanel *cough cough* LOL! 
If only I could grow money, I would finally be able to afford such a classic, chic, designer purse (so sad!) But hey, I can always win the lotto..or marry rich (jkjk) 
My wish list could probably go on into infinity, but I tried to keep this list a little short! 

What's on my List:
  1. Dolce Vita - Jemma (black suede) I've been wanting these foreverrrrrr! They are the perfect pair of little black ankle boots. They are kinda pricey at $219.95 a pair but I think so worth it with such a high 5 1/2 inch heel! I will seem like a giant with these on!!!! LOVE IT!!! 
  2. Nikon 1 Camera I know electronics and cameras in general usually come with a big price tag...but I really ReAlLy REALLY want this! I know I already have a great DSLR camera, but this one is less than half the size and comes in such pretty colors! Being a girl i'm a def sucker for the aesthetics, and this camera comes in gorgeous colors and is the perfect size for my bag. My favorite options for the color would have to be red or white. $749.95 (with the two lenses)
  3. Michael Kors Large Runway Double Glitz Watch (rosegold) I've been wanting a good quality watch, and this fits the mold. Such a classic style watch, but with an added feminine touch with the rose gold color. Another pricey buy at $325.00 (will have to wait to get this when they sell it at the outlet store)
  4. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera (red) My runner-up option to getting the Nikon camera, this is just something fun to have. I love taking pictures and what better than a Polaroid to take cute snap shots! You can get this at the Polaroid website for $89.00 
  5. Chanel Classic Flap purse It would be a dream to get this as a gift but in reality this is no where in my price range or my families. (only in a dream)
  6. Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume This perfume has notes of Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid. It's a really nice soft floral scent. Depending on the size you get it costs from $50-$150.
  7. Jones + Jones Boarder Laura dress (fuchsia) This is my dream dress, if I don't get this for Christmas I most def will be purchasing this with my own money. Love this dress for a fancy girls night out, or party. Any chance I would get I would def be wearing this chic pink dress. $96.60
  8. Jeffrey Campbell - Elegant Stud (beige silver) unique pair of nude flats!! Love these, I seriously have a shoe addiction but usually don't buy flats because I prefer heels, but these are so cute!! $144.95
So many cute things, I want them all!!! Hopefully my family pays attention to my wish-list and gets me something I really want!
If not i'll save till I can afford these on my own.
Happy Holidays!
Keep it classy.



  1. Both the camera's, the watch and the Jeffrey Campbells, I WANT! I've had my eye on that watch for a while now! It's so gorgeous :) xox

  2. those boots I love and have on my wishlits. The watch... got it last xmas from my boyfriend and the cameras... very good choice. I also threw the hint to the parents for the Chanel but I am doubting it!! I think they are very clueless about what to give me. Anyway, loving your choices and blog girl. Definitley following :) follow each other?


  3. the loafers and chanel are total perfection. i wouldn't mind finding those under my christmas tree:p

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment! <3
    Yes, i have edited it myself.:)

  5. like your wish list especially position 6 -
    I'm a flowerbomb addcited! Thanks for comment!


  6. omgggg #7 & #8 are to die for! Perfection! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate it <3

    Hope you have a happy holiday season <3

  7. hello! thank you so much for visiting my blog... :) have a nice christmas!! xoxo

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  9. woow nice choice :) did you get some of these nice items?

    i got an michael kors watch,too :) but the watchband is soooo long and no store is able to shorten it - its exasperating!! i wish you more luck <3

  10. Ohh wow your Xmas wish list is amazing. I would love a Michael Kors watch (that colour is divine) and that Nikon camera too! Man you have just made me crave those Jeffery campbell studded flats!!! Great, great post :)

    Luc X

  11. I’m actually selling my Michael Kors runway double glitz watch (in golden). I bought it only a week ago in-store and now need emergency funds, so I am selling well below retail. Here’s more info. Thanks for reading!