Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quizzical Owl Nails

Here's a nail tutorial to commence our Halloween adventure! I wanted to a tutorial to ease us into this season, and so I wanted to do a more tone down Halloween-ish tutorial. I think this nail design is totally wearable even if it's not Halloween, the design is simply : Cute!

Hope you all like it, I def do! If you want to request any specific makeup looks/nail tutorials for Halloween let me know in a comment on my youtube page/ or on this video :)

Clicky to go to my Youtube channel:

List of nail polishes I used:

  1. Seche Clear
  2. Essie - Chinchilly (gray)
  3. MAC - Very Important Platinum (metallic grey)
  4. Milani - Black Magic (black)
  5. China Glaze - White on White (white)
  6. China Glaze - GR8 (gold)
  7. Urban Outfitters - Afterhours (multicolor glitter)
  8. Seche Clear
Tools you might need:

  1. Dotting tool (or dulled out toothpick, even a q-tip)
  2. Nail art brush

Hope you'll try out the design! If you do give me a shout out, and def send me a picture of how it turned out :)

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